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    Haven't received any new notifications in 2 days and all my collected ones are missing am I the only one?

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    I haven't received any notifications as well!

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    I haven't received any for many months!

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    I also haven't received any in quite awhile.

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    I am sorry to hear that you are not receiving the notifications. While we send out notifications to all our player base, unfortunately, some do not receive it. It is mostly likely that your notifications are not turned on. Instructions are included below on how to remedy this.

    **Note: If you hide your wall posts from your friends, it will turn off the notifications.

    Follow these steps to enable the notifications:
    - Go to your notifications settings
    - Find App requests and activity, click Edit
    - Find City Girl Life
    - Make sure City Girl Life is checked (on)

    On the other hand, please note that Facebook has its own way of filtering the sent out notifications due to which some players might not receive all the notifications.

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    Unhappy Notifications from City Girl Life

    I am not receiving notifications for many days now. I do have my settings set to receive from CGL.

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    I haven't received any notifications in over a week or so now. What is going on? I saw the post from 9/30/2016 what to check for and checked. I even rebooted my laptop and nothing!!!!

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    No, I've been experiencing these issues since December 4 2017. I've complained to City Girl Life-they said it's an issue on Facebook's side, so I complained to them-they said there is no issue-after they "investigated". Annnnd I had put almost $20.00 into the game for Xmas-not worth it and I'm not going to add money again. I don't even know how long I'll be playing the game-cos I'm missing out on a lot of stuff. *Unhappy w game!

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    I just thought everyone had stopped playing. Maybe since I have been playing in gameroom? When I started off again, been out with illness, I answered all messages back to August since that day, I have not heard a thing and I know I send stuff out minimum 4 times a day with few exceptions. Ive been playing this game for years. It will be sad if I have to stop because there is not anyway to get gifts or assistance from other players. I just put 5 bucks on a minute ago and am already kicking myself.
    If you want to do an experiment you can add me as a friend and just tell me your name so I can try with you and we can see whats going on?

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