From today, December 7, 2015, the "Community of RockYou games on FB", is officially open.

All players members and admins of all RockYou games can join and participate. Please take a look on the rules of group that you will find under this post . In the next days I will add veterans and members representatives of all other groups whose task will be to manage and take care of their own games and I will add two or more veterans of every games , to the administrator role.
This group aims, to create a great community with all players of all games operated by Rock You, to talk, discuss and help us in case of problems like what we are experiencing.
I wish you all a good day guys ♥

Group link:

Group's rules
We are very pleased to welcome you on our Community games of Rockyou on Facebook!

Our group is a place where all RockYou game players are able to chat, exchange ideas or information and put any questions about all games operated by RockYou .

While subscribing to this group you commit yourself to respect the laws and the other users.

In order to enjoy this group under the best possible conditions, we ask you to respect the following rules:

1. All players can sign up and comment under the special picture of own game : Millionaire City players under MC pic, Gardens of Time players under Garden of Time's pic and so order to avoid confusion by writing directly on the group, because there are so many games.

2. You can talk, ask questions, share pictures and everything you want in respect of all and ONLY under the appropriate images.
Under the special cover pic, it is possible to welcome new members and talk about general things that affect the whole community, or simply give a good morning, greet everyone and so on.

3. In the case of petitions or aid where needed the collaboration of the whole community, you can put them on the wall of the group, in order to be clearly visible to all. To easily find your chat inherent in the game, the best thing to do is click on PHOTOS, choose the image of the game where you are going to write or communicate something .

4. You CAN NOT share links to helps of NO game or Bonus. The group has the sole purpose of creating a community and dialogue, bringing together all the players of all games RockYou, but the group is NOT intended to aid, because, since there are so many games, it would create confusion.

5. It is strictly forbidden to add to the group cheaters or hackers, sharing any type of link that contains cheating or programs to download of any game, from first to last, on pain of expulsion and the immediate ban and block of those who break this rule.

Not knowing some games, it is my intention to seek the collaboration of all veterans of all games. I will name two of their directors and will have the task of managing and respond and take care of their games. All games will then have 2 or more administrators, who help players and answer questions they posed. Administrators will have the same task of inserting ONLY and ONLY players honest and enforce the rules of the community, who will not respect the rules, will be ban and expulse from the group.
There are NO owners, I will be only the founder administrator of the group and one of the admins with regard to community Millionaire City, but all other administrators appointed, will have the same decision-making power in order not to create a group of commanders but a group of collaborators with equal rights and duties in order to create a large community ready to help listening and mutual respect.

I also ask everyone to be polite and respect to each other, do not use offensive words or put offensive post;on pain of expulsion and the immediate ban and block.

I wish you all a good game and good luck in starting this journey together ♥

07 December 2015

Alessia Bilancina