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Thread: Holiday Flash Sales !

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    Holiday Flash Sales !

    Why would you always have these 8 hour sales during Major Holidays !!! Don't you realize people have plans and will not be on to check there zoo ? This is just crazy ! I missed the new Albino Cardinal because of this !!! If you look at my account I have spent major real money on Zoo World and your other games . Look at my account ! I'm talking hundreds of dollars !!! I am not a happy camper right now . And really considering quitting . You will definitely be loosing a good customer . So upset right now !!!!!!!!!!!!! And then you bring the tree out with the buildable . What are you people thinking .

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    I totally agree with Karen's comments above, I also have spent major real money on this game, check my wlp purchases and you will see i have also spent Hundreds if not more on this game.. To offer totally new wlp animals during a period when many people cannot access their zoo's is simply ridiculous and totally unfair, most of us are so totally over the seasonal promotions
    you continually keep bringing out also, so very time consuming, they take up far too much space on islands that are so jam packed you have to keep hundreds of things in storage.. Please listen to your players for once..

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