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Thread: Debbie's Angels & Demons of Got Christmas Wishlist!! Part 1.

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    Debbie Cornelius

    Debbie's Angels & Demons of Got Christmas Wishlist!! Part 1.

    Debbie's Angels & Demons of GOT wishlist for Christmas to RockYou!!!

    Beverly Canerdy - I love all the new puzzles in the blitzes!! Not crazy about the ads, but I understand the necessity. However, I wish it could be changed....before, when in my garden, I could step away from my computer, come back later and NOT have to sit through the ads I had already seen when I first entered my garden. And bless Rockyou for giving us new chapters, thus the opportunity for more gold. WISHLIST: I still want orcas and whales (which I guess were available long before I started playing); I would also like to be able to expand my garden beyond the current limit. ....... Thanks!!

    Patricia Hester - I would love a big fat Santa for my christmas garden and 1 beautiful Angel please

    Suzie LittleWing - Wishlist: To have the game fixed and running properly please, yes and Thank You!:)

    Carolyn Boughton - I would like to see them return the "ALL" button - those of us who have hundreds and thousands of neighbors, it is so time consuming and to me, it takes away from the game. Some days I am not able to send gifts because it takes forever. Thank you for the improvements to the game. THANK YOU for removing that stamp symbol at the gate!!!!!

    Lucy LaBarre Coulter - I wish it would say what level someone is on when they send you a blitz

    Margaret Robinson - Please investigate the reloading problem esp when doing a blitz.

    Kay Sullivan - i wish they would give us crystal games and more jigsaw puzzles.

    Randi Ellen Portnoy Zeff - I wish and I just had this talk with someone named Jack who was very helpful to me with my garden that they could go into our garden like Verizon does or Dell through that computer thing, I know that probably takes money or technology that they don't want to spend but I think if they are in this for the long haul, it actually would make things better and easier for them as well as us, it actually would help everyone with all these problems because they would see these problems, I am still having a big problem with moving my pieces and I noticed it doesn't happen when you 1st go in, it takes a while, it would be better if they could see it for themselves and see Margaret's problem or most of these problems

    Margaret Robinson - Remove the "Paradox detected" restriction so we can have more than one tab open at a time.

    Diane Peters i just wish they fixed my ghost neighbours :)

    Dail Daniel Ginevan Shaw - nice holiday items available for all to buy with silver not having to do a premium scene to pay for them. for them all to have a wonderful holiday season as well as all of us.

    Brianna Nicks - I wish we could remove all the failed builds in our inventory- it is depressing to see and not like we can go back and finish them.

    Hannelore Garzione - Day 1 through 5 20tokens.

    Lynne Steele Terzis - I would love crystal chapters. Thank you.

    Nancy McLaughlin Belanger - I wish we could remove all of the unused wonders from our inventory-thank you-

    Carolyn Swann Swanson - i second to please remove unwanted wonders from inventory, thank you and merry christmas

    Terry J Dailey - I would like to know how to remove non players from my neighbor list

    Nancy Ferris - I wish only playing the game people on our list also too be able to finish the things we were trying to build like the reindeer stable ect. thank you for your time in helping us

    Melinda Crowell - I would like to see neighbors, at the bottom of our screen, be in alphabetical order instead of the highest level to the lowest level.

    Sherry Horton - If I were still playing this game, I would like to see chapter scenes re-load faster than they currently do. Also, the time lab item that has to be built by getting tokens enough to build them - I would like to be able to delete the item when the allotted time ends and the item is still in the construction phase. Or if one wants to finish the required phases, at least let the tokens buy JUST those items that need to be fulfilled. Please, don't waste these tokens buying items that are already done.

    Charlotte Weber - I would add my wish of neighbors being in alphabetical order as it is very difficult and time consuming to locate a particular neighbor as it is now. Also, on a purly selfish note, I would love to see more cat related items. I would really go for that. We have had quite a few dogs but not any cats to speak of. I know we got Bastet but she is a goddess not a cat.

    Ruth-Anne Broad - I would wish for the ability to remove old wonders that I do not use. Some new Crystal challenges would be good too.Thank you to Rockyou for taking over GoT so we could continue to play.

    Mookey O'Neill - My wish for the Garden of Time is that it gets fixed. So many glitches and so many neighbors still can't play or have quit. If these glitches got fixed then every thing else would just fall back into place.

    Brenda Marion's Home - I wish to be able to get into my garden every day. I used to play several times a day. Now I'm lucky to get in once.

    Francine Wheeler - My wish would be to have the stamps gone.Merry Christmas Rock You.

    Brenda Smith - In the Neighbors Garden message sent today box ( put some new messages, like Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc. )

    Alda Reis - I wish all the above!!!

    Billie Rae Kidd - Merry Christmas Rockyou would love more Roamers following the Holidays, thank you enjoying the game

    Toni Redd Maurizi - My wish list..... Items bought with gold be cheaper, upgrade items the old way-no toolboxes needed, this may be hard but when someone quits the game, they can notify us or close their garden with a simple button push!!!

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    Debbie Cornelius
    PART 1 A
    Doves Cry - My wish is for the Time Lab to give us beautiful items like the Glass Pond & Glass Rose, and also other items we craft like the present Stained Glass Xmas Tree and even prettier things we have crafted WITHIN the Lab! Merry Christmas RockYou!

    Donna Rogers - I would like to be able to edit my "Gardens of Time Friends" list, the wonders should have a bigger increase in value when upgrading (now it makes more sense to buy higher value single square items), put out new jigsaw puzzles, bring back crystal chapters but with higher value rewards, remove stamps, be able to type in a level for my neighbors and have it go to that level to make it easier to visit (now I have so many neighbors at level 300 that I rarely get past them), increase the levels to 500 or more and when I go to my neighbor list at the top of the page I would like to see them listed by their level or alphabetically and when I hit the invite button I would like a list that does not include my current neighbors or at least have a star by their name so I don't reinvite them! Whew...good luck RockYou! Oh it would also be nice to be able to send energy again instead of just sparks, make it quicker to store items by clicking multiple squares, then hitting a store all button AND MY BIG WISH is when you roll over your neighbors icon at the bottom of the page it shows how many hours ago they last played along with their wish list, that would help everyone clean up their neighbors list and help the players at lower levels because you would see that they are playing - Merry Christmas!

    Katrina Roa - be able to build wonders, 7 unable to request or send nothing at all lol

    Kari Dalton - I would love to have some really pretty animated Wonders. Since RockYou has taken over we get an awful lot of different Trees. Would like more of a variety. It would be great if Wonders were animated with blinking lights, moving parts, etc. Also have to say I do think they are trying. Tickets are being answered pretty quickly now and we are getting new chapters every week. There are still problems but seems they are trying. Just my opinion

    Bert Jones - First I would like to thank Rockyou for picking up gardens of time..Thank you 2nd I would like to see the crystal game come back,3rd if I might be so bold to ask that the premium chapter not be repeats of regular chapters..8 days of gifting/ labs that are incomplete...could you give us some way of completing buying the missing days with gold. my finial request Please fix the game so all my neighbors can once again play... Happy Holidays..and Merry Christmas

    Jerry Pendleton Sr. - Thanks to Rockyou for buying GOT. Hoping that they can get everything working the way they should

    Karen Kline - I wish the time labs weren't so discouraging with great difficultly getting all the tokens for building a wonder and finishing the project. I don't mind "challenging", but I find it "discouraging" when I play and play, but can't get all the required parts to complete each task.

    Kay Sullivan - I second Karen Kline's comments. The Time Lab is too labour and gold intensive. The spinning rounds should yield a glass piece in every spin and just the ones you can't get by just playing the regular game chapters. Playing the time lab is a lot of work and not much fun.

    Carol Brown - All I wish for Rockyou is my List of Friends to return to my game please thank you.

    Barbara Akselrod - Please find my gate and time machine and let me visit my neighbors so they don't think I'm ignoring them. TY--Merry Xmas

    Teri Pappas - I think that they should increase levels to 500 if that is too much too soon then perhaps an increase every 6 months also I agree about the unfinished gifting items there either needs to be a way to complete it or remove it from inventory but lastly and this is really important to me the energy in the message center should be on top of the gift column or in its own column because when I try to tackle it one by one it jumps and so often I click on something I don't want to click on

    Brenda Kaufman - Up our ability to hold more than 99 energy so much energy goes to waste because I am unwilling to individually accept it thanks so much and return crystal scenes miss them

    Nicki Grasso - Allow us to purchase with gold or silver previous seasonal items - for example: Winter Bear which was offered for 10 gold in the crystal chapter A Winter's Tale.

    Tina Ward - 1st, i wish Rockyou A Very Merry Christmas..... .2nd please can we have a swap button/wishlist for the glass so we dont waste so many when they come up lopsided ....more open pages in stamp album & crystal chapter back thank you ,,,,,Happy New Year ......

    Debbie Shewchuk - I too wish Rockyou a very Merry Christmas. Allow us to sell wonders in our inventory and perhaps gain a few toolboxes upon selling.

    Donna Maltz - I have one- an easy one- more humans, cats, dogs to buy with silver.

    Brenda Cecil - How about increasing the 10 item list to 99 so we can build stuff quicker. Do away with the 19 day rule would be very helpful.

    Dail Daniel Ginevan Shaw - THANK YOU SO MUCH for the holiday decorations added this week. They are great and can be had for regular silver! YEAH ! ! my compliments keep up the good work !

    Ida Myers Ramos - get rid of the stamps

    Brenda Marion's Home - energy counter in storage increased to three digets.

    Linda Lochrie - trade in 1 colour in the lab for another..always seem to get lots of 1 colour and nothing in another

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