been playing in the room Teaparty since it opened...Ive spent 5 times what I can win if iD FINISH THE ROOM..Have NO tea party items in 4 days, just junk I don't need...this room is just another ripoff like the htgs guys are losing people by the bundles because of your frickin greedy ways....this gaming(as you call it) is totally unfair and just another BB ripper you've come up mwith..from a great game I love to play(back when ryzing had it) to a miserable war trying to get a single item you can use in the have everybody clawing for trades of useless BS you give.. wow what a dissapointment rock you is!!!!! when My bbs are gone so am I...or before, who cares???? you don't!!! also now adds come in unwanted and interupting the game, just too just BS and no real games in RYZING as you still call suck!!!