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Thread: How do we UNHIDE zooworld posts in our newsfeed?

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    How do we UNHIDE zooworld posts in our newsfeed?

    I previously used the option to HIDE ALL POSTS FROM ZOOWORLD in my newsfeed. Now I'd like them to be UNHIDDEN but there is absolutely no way to do this in any of the settings, not newsfeed settings, app settings, privacy settings etc. I have tried (an it's useless) the help center in facebook to find answers on how to unhide posts in the feed but there are no answers there either. I have no idea how in the world once we hide them how to get them unhidden. Can anyone help???? And not by using the newsfeed settings, or app or privacy settings...there are no means via those to UNHIDE the posts for Zooworld.

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    Hi Momz54. If you hover just to the left of "News Feed" you can see the settings symbol--then "Edit Settings". Click it, it will open a box showing all people AND APPS you've hidden. Just click on the X beside Zoo. Hope this helps.

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