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Thread: Claim Code: 1Q5Q2-3A8F6QTA

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    Kevin Gee SL-Rawker

    Claim Code: 1Q5Q2-3A8F6QTA

    I have submitted a claim to collect my winnings. I have provided all necessary ID requirements but have not heard from Ryzing about my claim. Which is Claim Code: 1Q5Q2-3A8F6QTA .

    I have sent numerous emails which have all gone un-answered.

    I expect to hear from someone soon regarding a check for my winnings. Unfortunately if I do not hear from anyone I will not only be adding to the numerous scam reports about this company all over the web but I will also be contacting Facebook to have this game removed and shut down from Facebook as well as the United States FTC and be submitting a cyber crimes report via Please reply as soon as possible and Please issue me a check for my winnings. I do enjoy playing your game however, if no reply or check is sent to me then I will be left with no option but to pursue matters in a legal fashion.

    Thank You,
    Ryzing Id: 2054648

    P.S. Disabling my account and or ignoring my message will not solve the problem. It will only further my case with the authorities. I recommend that you do the right thing and start paying out the winnings to people who have won prizes.

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    Gary Dean
    they dont answerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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