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Thread: Zoo Islands - Need to be able to have a default Island

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    Denise Blanchard

    Zoo Islands - Need to be able to have a default Island

    I have played several games like Farm Town, and YoWorld (formally ToVille) and these games also have multiple farms, or houses . The difference is Farm Town and Yoworld allow us to choose a default Farm .
    So for the holidays I can spotlight my Halloween, Christmas, Easter Farm etc and when you log in or if someone visits this is the one they will visit or see. With YoWorld, there are different Theme houses and we can also choose which one we want for the default house, and that is the one you see when you log in until you change it.

    In Zoo World we have all these islands that are never seen , and when Holidays come, the holiday we previously decorated and had is buried clear back on island 4 or 1 , and it is like we have to start all over rather than add to it, when another Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween or Easter comes along.

    Please give us a default option so we can highlight the different zoo islands we would like shown .

    Thank you


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