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Thread: No babies in breeding area although all friends are showing on main page

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    Verta Tannehill

    No babies in breeding area although all friends are showing on main page

    For the past few days I have had issues with the game, even more than usual. I've attempted to file bug reports but the login doesn't work so I'm attempting to post concerns here. Issues seen:

    Breeding area displays as if I have 0 zoo mates, yet when you click home all zoo mates appear on bottom of the page.

    when changing from one island to another or when visiting a zoo mate the screen displays as if it is on largest view but the control is at the bottom & should be displaying island at smallest display. This happens when you change islands or zoos after an ad. If you get it back to normal, it happens again when you change islands or zoos again.

    when attempting to earn juice by watching ads, the game throws the new ads on top of the juice ads causing flash player to crash. How about just giving everyone juice when any ad is played that way we won't mind the constant interruption.
    When attempting to accept gifts, 1 gift gets accepted & returned then an ad pops up. When ad finishes, accept another gift & return it, another ad pops up. It takes 3 minutes to accept one gift, sometimes longer depending upon the ad.

    I understand the way game companies are making money these days is by advertising. It allows players, like myself, to play the game for free. There has to be a balance between the play time & the ad display. As of now, I'm ready to quit playing this game after enjoying it for several years due to sheer frustration. To make matters worse half the time when the ad has finished it leaves a black box across the screen where the ad was displayed. I've tried clicking off the box, on the box, etc to make it go away & it doesn't. When I refresh the page the whole thing repeats itself.

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