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Thread: Ads in Bingo Blingo

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    William James Warren

    Ads in Bingo Blingo

    I have a suggestion.....please stop those annoying ads popping up and stopping the game in Bingo Blingo

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    I am ready to delete your game! The ads are very annoying and causes me to lose sound and play time! STOP THE ADS!!!

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    The ads are ridiculous and most annoying but you, Blingo really are the worst. You put that screen up that practically FORCES you to buy something just to get rid of them. I have a hard time concentrating on the game for the ads. Of course you were counting on that

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    Why isn't RockYou responding to this issue? At least acknowledge our suggestions since your the ones who asked for them ��

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    Bingo Blingo adds losing tickets already purchased.

    The ads pop up and I lose my tickets that I bought to play a round. After add is finished I have to re-buy my tickets. I have lost 96 tickets on 3 plays just today in the Diamond can you fix this? I tried putting in a ticket last time this happened and Bingo Blingo is not listed. I also didn't receive an answer to the ticket I sent in.
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