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Thread: Make it easy to find animals in the breeding section

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    I agree with everyone, Breeding Section has really needed an overhaul for a long time, takes forever to find some of the older animals, not many of us can afford to breed wlp animals so they need their own tab, could we please have tabs similar to in the shop as Paola recommended ie mammals, aquatic, birds and reptiles and moving those bred to admantium to the end of the list, also a separate tab with a drop down for those that want to choose by the hour. It would be fabulous if something can be done about this in your next update please and thank you :)

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    Yes, something NEEDS to be done with the breeding section! I agree that the WLP animals should be separated. and as suggested earlier, some sort of classification/organization would certainly help.

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    I agree, an overhaul is badly needed. Separating WLP animals would help and if no tabs for sorting by breeding time at least the ability to sort by breeding time. And once Adamantium level is reached move them out into another section.

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    As normal Curnell, things that make sense and would actually improve the game are never responded to. Before long there will be a "canned" statement from RY like we get an email when our complaint tickets have been sitting to long without an answer!!!!!

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    Breezie B Watts
    Am hoping RY Developers will finally update the breeding section as requested above, the current set up is so time consuming, can we please have this looked at before your next ZW1 update thank you :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 'Diann Ferrick View Post
    Please breeding has got to be made easier and separate the WLP animals, thanks.
    I agree more than 100 % , with Curnell !!

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