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Thread: robot players

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    Wendy Hall

    robot players

    you have players in rooms when you pull up their profile it say no face book profile .However they are winning all the first place we call them ROBOTS PLAYERS we cannot win our icons

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    Michele Miller
    Get your bots and employees/plants out of the game! People are spending REAL money buying bbs only to be stolen by the bots/employees who are planted in the game to win. A complaint will be filed with the IC3 since you are selling bbs, then causing ppl to lose those bbs to your bots and plants/employees. It's not just wrong and unethical, it's theft and it's illegal!!!

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    Michele Miller
    The bot situation has gotten so much worse that your coders now have bots winning that aren't even in the room. I'm not the only one noticing these things. There are a number of people expressing their disgust in chats. Competition should be fair, with other real human players, but instead, we're competing with bots, and worse, bots that don't lose. I know you think you'd only be losing one player if I quit, but consider the ramifications of the exodus of other players who are disgusted with playing against bots and losing.

    FYI: I have a large number of screenshots, so it's not like I'm just blowing smoke.

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