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Thread: ZooWorld NOT loading

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    ZooWorld NOT loading

    ZooWorld wont load... have used two browsers and several different zoo programs. Also cleared cache and history.

    *IF* I can get in, I get an error and zoo reloads... not. Hangs on white screen, some times gets far enough to hang on a blank blue background. Those zoo2 headers/footers seem to load tho. Checked several times in past hour or so and always the same.

    I have lots of hungry and half fed animals.. and little patience. Please fix this!

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    Per Brandt

    Angry Zoo do not load ...Or load very slow

    We need a fix ... Zoo do not load ..Or do it very slow ... if I get in it take more than 30 seconds to get in ... every time I try to help some Zoo mates it take about 45 seconds ... That`s not good ... Its not fun waiting so long for helping friends or playing Zoo ... please fix it

    My ID 1176884658
    use Chrome browser

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    ZooWorld wont load... have used two browsers and several different zoo programs. Also cleared cache and history.
    please fixed it, and before my ZOOMATES disappeared, with different claims still not solved., worsened because now I can not LOAD DE GAME, please fix the problem ty
    my ID 1599886331
    use Chrome browser

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    Zoo2 not loading here either.
    It has been two days.
    Either timeout or 'empty response' from server...
    Guess someone underestimated the popularity of Zoo2.

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    Zoo1 won't load for me. Either it stays at a white page with just the side bar or it loads and says it wants to reload because of an error.

    Please fix this. Using Google Chrome

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    Having trouble as well with error messages, out of sync and other problems ONCE zoo loads. It has been extremely slow the weekend and today. Frustrating!!! I know this is a widespread problem. Please address what is being done to correct it.

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    My zoo won't load can't get answers?????????????????????????????

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    Trouble getting zoo to load in any app or browser. Get oops error or please wait. When I get lucky & it does load, it is very slow & before long, I'll get the oops error again. Lots of people including me have this problem. This is for ZW1. I don't play ZW2.

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    No Zoo loading again to day have cleaned catches over and over doubled the PC it is not the PC as the problem. This is very bad only been fixed now its back again with no answers . Please fix Zoo 1 TY

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