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    daily stamps

    okay i got 2 of the holiday woodpeckers but i can't seem to find them in the breeding animal list or the gifting list. they weren't in storage either. so do we have to wait till the end of the week to get them or what. if not where are they?

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    Same thing has happened to me, Mary Gibson. I spent extra WLPs to buy the 2nd of each animal and checked in Storage but there were no animals. My WLPs were taken but i didn't receive either of the Daily Stamp animals. I am bummed for both of us. Friday 8:51a.

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    I won't be spending any more wlps until they show up, these new gimmicks suck. and makes you not want to play the game.
    I stand corrected. I did a search of every island I own and finally found them. But they are not breedable or giftable, so the post is misleading. they should show how many you have while purchasing. will not be buying anymore.
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