After the cold and freezing holidays Dr. Zoolittle is visiting Honduras this week!

Meet the clever and cunning White-headed Capuchin searching for food or check out the cute little Honduran White-tailed Deer playing around!

These Honduras Revisited additions unlock at noon on the dates given below.

The Fisherman Bat is the feed animal of the week, so grab it by clicking on your Zoomate’s posts!

Fisherman Bat 1/2
Ruatan Island Agouti 1/2
Five-star Pinchos Americanos Store 1/2
Hazelnut Pine 1/2
Honduran Street Carpet 1/2
Honduran White-tailed Deer 1/3
Baby South American Scarlet Macaw 1/4
Honduran Giant Anteater 1/5
Golden-mantled Howler 1/6
Baby Honduran White Bat 1/7
White throated Capuchin 1/8
Guatemalan Jaguarundi 1/9