Light up the bonfire and grab all your warm cloths as Dr. Zoolittle takes you on a cold and frosty journey!

Watch the Chilly Woodland Caribou trying to entertain everyone with some beautiful ice skating skills or get yourself a delicious drink from the Mulled Wine Stall!

These Chilling in the Winter additions unlock at noon on the dates given below.

The Chilling Arctic Fox is the feed animal of the week, so grab it by clicking on your Zoomate’s posts!

Chilling Arctic Fox 12/26
Snowy Arctic Wolf 12/26
Mulled Wine Stall 12/26
Bing Cherry Tree 12/26
Festival Outdoor Table 12/26
Winter Polar Bear 12/27
Winter Walrus 12/28
Baby Harp Seal 12/29
Snowy Siberian Lynx 12/30
Winter Fur Snow Hare 12/31
Baby Ermine 1/1
Chilly Woodland Caribou 1/2