Dr. Zoolittle is in the land with huge mountains and a wild place where Mother Nature creates the boundaries!

Go for a hike in these enormous hills with the Black-tailed Deer or decorate your islands with beautiful Totem Poles from the Kwakiutl Wood Carver!

These British Columbian Animals additions unlock at noon on the dates given below.

The Mountain Bison is the feed animal of the week, so grab it by clicking on your Zoomate’s posts!

Mountain Bison 12/19
Northern Coyote 12/19
Kwakiutl Wood Carver 12/19
Mountain Dogwood 12/19
Kwakiutl Totem Pole 12/19
Baby Black Bear 12/20
Stone Sheep 12/21
Mountain Beaver 12/22
Baby Muskrat 12/23
Black-tailed Deer 12/24
Canadian Beaver 12/25
Baby North American Cougar 12/26