Dr. Zoolittle is in the land of the mighty gods and kings as he travels to Europe in search of new zoomates!

Say hello to the quick and agile Rhodian Fallow Deer or take a picture in front of the great Lion of Amphipolis Replica!

These A trip to Greece additions unlock at noon on the dates given below.

The Common Greek Badger is the feed animal of the week, so grab it by clicking on your Zoomate’s posts!

Common Greek Badger 12/5
European Bear 12/5
Exquisite Greek Wine Store 12/5
Kalamata Olive Tree 12/5
Lion of Amphipolis Replica 12/5
European Jackal 12/6
Balkan Chamois 12/7
Baby Water Vole 12/8
Rhodian Fallow Deer 12/9
European Red Fox 12/10
Baby Cretan Goat 12/11
Common Bottlenose Dolphin 12/12