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Thread: Have a heart!

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    Have a heart!

    I have come to realize that none of you at ROCKYOU Media really care for your players - except for wonderful SYED - but, have some pity on those of us who have stuck with this game from the beginning, from change to change.
    My request is that you STOP making the 1st stage of these monotonous 'missions' so long! 15 minutes for "Delicious" done over and over and over and over - eats into our REAL lives, and because we feel such a nostalgic connection to this game, we begrudgingly "play" along. But 15 minutes is just mean and thoughtless. Do any of you at RY actually play along with us? Then you'd know just how boringly difficult it is to keep checking on 15 minute crafting continuously. If you don't think it is hard, YOU HAVE NEVER PLAYED THIS GAME! Maybe you should....You'd learn that playing for 5+ years gives you a HUGE collection of "things..." and we have begged for a DELETE BUTTON. We have asked for new jobs, but you hope that by the time the existing jobs have been done, the player will be done with this game also.
    And, so here we all are.... both here and on the Fan Page - BEGGING for some consideration, some acknowledgement that the long-time players are still spending real money (and I never have in another Fb games....) while the new players are content to wait - and 'save' tokens. We should have a small amount of acknowledgement that you HEAR US! Sherry Allen was in touch with us often. Hoping for some understanding - and perhaps gratitude, as well. It would be nice. Or, just be fair!
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    I agree that the mission times have become like nails on a chalkboard. I won't quit the game until THEY close it, however, I may stop doing every single mission. This latest one, the kite making one, has me screaming. Just looking at what it takes to craft in that last step makes me sick. I have thought the same thing you voiced ... this game is neglected. I am bored with the missions. If they don't want to make any new jobs, why not (instead of ANOTHER mission), make more LEVELS for the jobs that are already there? Anything to break the monotony. Please.

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