Careful says Dr. Zoolittle as he comes across new friends this week who are dangerously disguised!

Say hello to the Watchful Horned Owl taking note of your every move or learn the predatory skills from Camouflaging Bengal Tiger!

These Now you see me additions unlock at noon on the below dates:

Coiling Smooth Green Snake 2017-09-12
Hiding Zebra 2017-09-12
Treetop Restaurant 2017-09-12
Knobcone Pine 2017-09-12
Animal Observation Post 2017-09-12
Camouflaging Bengal Tiger 2017-09-13
Prowling Polar Bear 2017-09-14
Baby Camouflaging Common Octopus 2017-09-15
Ambushing Arctic Fox 2017-09-16
Watchful Horned Owl 2017-09-17
Baby Crab-eating Fox 2017-09-18
Stalking Asiatic Cheetah 2017-09-19