I have contacted Gree about this issue and they basically tell me I'm Shit out of luck so I'm bringing this to everyone's attention , I'm missing a lvl 120 ultra violet who also has my 30% mech damage implant. At first I couldn't find the implant which I emailed gree a dozen times and even bought a new iPad because I thought there might be something on my end. So I was farming npc's one day and the game lagged and when it came to there she was my ultra violet . I clicked on her and there it was , my missing implant . Then I remembered that I put it on her instead of my deadlock to try and balance out my commanders. After I thought everything was fixed and continued farming I waited till she got back so I could remove the implant she was gone. I wish I would of taken a screen shot but I didn't think to because I thought the issue was resolved . So I have emailed Gree and they won't even respond to my emails anymore . I'm close to contesting all my purchases and quitting the game since it's not the game that I have spent hours and money on. Someone help me and tell me what to do. I've come here to try and get answers to my questions . Anyone else experiencing this?