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Thread: More ideas for flash sale items and shop items

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    More ideas for flash sale items and shop items

    More things I would love to see in flash sale: Refreshing Bear and others from the Spring Animals from 2 yrs ago, Pegasus and Unicorn color variations, Brontosaurus color variations.

    In the Shop: new and different trees, new and different decorations to go along with new animals like in the past and to go with the buildables. Some of those items we collect to build the buildables would make great stand-alone decorations.

    And please, put them in the shop and flash sales, not the Watch and Earn where we can't get them.

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    I would love to see the St Patricks promo animals where the entire set make up the rainbow bridge. I want to use it on my "Display Island", the first Island that visitors see when they visit my zoo.

    I would also love it if you re-released the coconut and cherry trees where you could shake the trees for WLPs and they don't stop shaking after 120 days.

    I've spent a lot of time breeding animals, shaking trees and collecting WLPs and haven't had a huge amount of opportunity to spend the WLPs that I have accummulated. The promo trees where we could gift animals to others is an awesome way of encouraging more people to play zoo, by showing generosity of players sharing with others and giving a positive feedback to zooworld games. Please have more tree promos and please don't restrict our ability to share and gift to other players.

    Thank you. Tu.

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    I agree with that rainbow set animals like Madra Sasta, lontas Squirrel, Ceili Cow, Pinching Phortain, etc.

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    I think the cherry blossom tree, the pink fan and the umbrella are absolutely beautiful. Please please make these available in the shop for money or in the flash sale for wildlife points. I know lots of people would buy hundreds of these to enhance the animals. Please don't let them just disappear.

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    I'd love to see the cherry trees or the coconut palms make a return to the shop, even in a flash sale. When I started my zoo, I didn't have enough WLP'S, and by the time I had gotten enough, they were gone, to be replace by the jacaranda trees. a few of the rare, animals would also be a nice treat for players, maybe Turkey ducks, Red Setters, Crocodile Lizards, etc. Thank you for the opportunity to post a suggestion. :-)

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    Red Setter and Turkey Duck please. Cherry Tree would be nice too :-)

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    Connie Duggan
    I agree with Mandy. Please bring back the Cherry Blossom Tree. There are a lot of us that never had a chance to get them.

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    I'd like to be able to buy in the shop the kiosks and decorations from a couple years ago--- they're on the zoo blog, it was from some kind of around the world event. They had items from Russia, Egypt, etc.

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