Itís all about honoring your dad and cherish the memories spent with him as Dr. Zoolittle celebrates Fatherís Day this week!

Meet this thoughtful and wise Supportive Golden Jackal or say hello to the fun loving Merry Seahorse!

These Daddy's Day Out additions unlock at noon on the dates given below.

The Giant Water bug is the feed animal of the week, so grab it by clicking on your Zoomateís posts!

Giant Water bug 6/12
Playful Red fox 6/12
Fruit Shake Stand 6/12
Rhododendron 6/12
Aqua BBQ 6/12
Grooming Emperor Penguin 6/13
Merry Seahorse 6/14
Baby Curious Arowana 6/15
Exuberant Jacana 6/16
Doting Pygmy Marmoset 6/17
Baby Pixie Frog 6/18
Supportive Golden Jackal 6/19