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05-19-2016, 12:19 AM
Contest time - “WOW - Premier league”! Is back with a new challenge!

Play the level 51 from chapter 4 and share the highest score with us. The top scores will take away Free gold bars.

We have a Special reward too!! The 1st contestant to share the score of 150,000 and above will win 75 gold.

If Special reward goes unclaimed, no worries we have standard Gold rewards.

1st winner: 50 gold

2nd winner: 40 gold

3rd winner: 30 gold

4th winner: 25 gold

5th Winner: 20 gold.

Contest ends on : 05/25

Play the level right now, share the score> http://bit.ly/1qi9gNi

Visit the Fan Page>> http://bit.ly/1qvEjJ6


Minimum score to enter the contest is 70,000.
Take a screenshot and Reply in the comments below with the pictures to enter the contest!
Only one reward for successful participant
In event of tie the person who entered the contest first will be given the preferences.


05-20-2016, 03:07 AM
Hey Wordies!!

Well done contestants, these are the leading scores so far today:

Carlo Lonero - scored 226,900

Martha Kuhn - scored 214,850

Gilles Colé - scored 205,750

James Rowlands - scored 195,650

Samantha R Hamel - scored 173,200

Do we have anyone out there who can beat these amazing Wordies? Feel free to repost as many higher score as possible.

Contest ends on 25th May and remember, the five best score wielders get gold bars. Happy Wording!

Play WoW!!>>http://bit.ly/1qi9gNi