View Full Version : Newest Update now live with fixes! 6/3/2015

Sherri Allen
06-03-2015, 05:02 PM
City Girl Life newest fixes now live 6/3/2015:

I'm happy to announce that our newest update was released today and it fixed some issues that have been reported to us. I've included a list below of the fixes that were released today.

1. Pet's shouldn't be causing the game to crash when returning to your apartment anymore. Please feel free to let your pets roam freely about your apartment. smile emoticon
2. Some players are being blocked as they try to exit their apartment. Please move decor and other items at least an extra row or two away from your door. When we did the sorting and stacking refactor the doorway got stretched a bit. It now has a slightly bigger footprint and needs more clear space around it.
3. The newly renamed High Square Window that was given out in our May Flowers giveaway should now be moveable.
4. Being blocked by one of the sale windows when entering the game was corrected by Facebook. Throughout the weekend of 5/30/2015, Facebook was reporting instability causing some issues with applications running on it's platform.
5. We've been doing minor optimization that we hope will help lessen some of the loading problems some players are reporting seeing.
I'm hoping to create soon a 'Known Issues' document both on my page and the official City Girl Life app page. This will help keep everyone in the loop!

Marlene Sabba
06-04-2015, 09:46 PM
Please address the color-wheel problem, if you play on a Mac - it is so frustrating!!!!