View Full Version : Frustrating!!

Libby Love
11-24-2014, 12:07 AM
So frustrated that I never get enough glam as I only have energy with neighbours every second day >< and then today I just got enough to buy the pretty green dress and I brought it then the game had an error and and I had to refresh and then it was over the time and it was back to the higher glam price. Love this game but these things are frustrating ><

11-24-2014, 07:48 AM
FYI- you probably DO have energy with those neighbors even if it says it hasn't refreshed.
Go to the neighbor's apartment that you know you're supposed to have reset energy but it isn't showing. Do one activity (any activity) and you will see the free neighbor energy suddenly pop up on your screen. It will be at 4 energy, because you just did one action, meaning the free neighbor energy was always there but you just couldn't see it.

If you aren't constantly crafting pet stuff for glam, start. You don't have to have a pet, you can use it on your neighbors' pets. Also, join a facebook City Girl group that shares glam links. Right now the amount of glam links you can click on a day is limited (only one 200 glam link for each language that someone posts a link to) but even just an extra 200 glam a day really adds up after awhile.