View Full Version : What is going on with this game?

Linda Sheets Young
11-23-2014, 01:14 AM
rock you, really, what is going on with this game? Wouldn't you think it would be nice to have something to do in the game on the weekends?, when a majority of people have those days off and may have more time to play? The game really needs some help, many suggestions have been made and I know some of them are (well to me) silly, but there have been good suggestions. If you were to look through this forum you probably would find them all. Who is drawing the hair with the hats lately--ugh they sit on the head wrong and look silly. Why have they made the "girls" butts so big in some of the dresses--not everyone wants to be Kim k and Beyonce. Also why are all the new beds so small? Are you close to getting a new career yet? Another apartment? You know you have a real good idea for an apartment in the backdrop for the daily look. Speaking of the daily look, that really needs to be revamped. I don't even participate in it anymore. It should be that the people that participate can only ask for votes in one place, or just "in game", and give better glam rewards.
Okay, I know I am talking to a wall, but had to give it a try.

Topaz Blu
11-27-2014, 05:46 PM
I noticed the derriere thing some time ago and knew it wasn't there when I first started playing. Not everyone has completed everything quest-wise pertaining to the game nor careers. As with another game I play, there are players that want something to do outside the same 'ol things.

I can think of a variety of things to do in the game that doesn't involving completing quests or doing careers; but that's just me. You aren't talking to the wall as I discovered in another thread that was linked to a survey. Most of the questions revolved around what has been suggested by players.

Only thing I didn't see was questions on living spaces. We can only wait patiently and see what they have in stored for the game. Would be nice if they brought back the free spins for those sprees.

11-27-2014, 07:52 PM
I noticed the derriere thing some time ago and knew it wasn't there when I first started playing.

Really? Can you guys give any examples of outfits? I'm not saying it hasn't happened or that I disagree I'm just saying I haven't noticed it. I HAVE seen quite a lot of outfits lately that are a bit wide across the hips in an really unflattering way, though. Maybe you guys are buying all the bottom-heavy outfits and I'm buying all the wide hipped ones?

Actually I can think of one dress off the top of my head that I've seen that was weirdly proportioned with both wide hips AND bottom, but only the one and I never actually saw it on anybody I don't think.

As for the other stuff, I'm super worried that we JUST got a new apartment and a new career and it might be awhile until the next new ones but maybe OTOH they have more ideas now and have ways of putting them out faster than they have in the past. The time between the newest apartment and the one before it was a lot shorter than the time between that apartment and the one before it, to be fair.