View Full Version : 16 gold for 200 glam???!?!? WHAT!!?!

Alissa Nolder
08-29-2014, 02:27 PM
132 gold on that Glamour Wheel and I'm 5/8....beyond ridiculous.I spun for that vanity and of course 16 spins can't even do it. To many filler items to land on.What disgusts me more is 100 glam, which I landed on twice. I can get more than that for getting 12 votes on the daily look. It needs to be increased or removed and replaced with nothing for a better chance at NOT landing on overpriced garbage like 100 glam. Chance wheels on any game should not be so random, or have so many filler trash that you WILL land on.
I had better results on the Festival wheel but still was not able to get the last item with the same amount of spins. My mother however has been able to finish all 3 or 4 past wheels with an average of 16 spins.

I am discouraged from spinning future wheels, which means not spending $7.99 for 10 tokens or $10.00 for 110 gold if this is how MY RNG is gonna be. I set my sights on a certain item and want to spend gold to get it? "Well to bad, give me $20 and I MIGHT just let you." While I understand that I'm getting the chance to get an item that would be worth 25-90 gold for 8g if it were sold by itself in shops, that doesn't change the fact that these wheels have to much chance in them. If that vanity were in the shops, I'd only have to spend 25-45g as opposed to 132g and still not get it.