View Full Version : Old missions

Kimberly Maass
07-06-2014, 11:31 AM
Was wondering if we could redo the missions that we were doing while the change over with companys was going on. Didnt get to finish all of the them because the game was down, and i enjoy this game

Katrina VanShelton
07-07-2014, 10:45 AM
24 hours is not enough time to finish some of these, especially when the creation time is so long. I just got the Fireworks one yesterday, and it takes longer to make the hotdog than I had time left to complete it. The should give the same amount of creation time as everyone else had, or just not give the quest.

I don't play the game 24 hours a day, and I will not set my alarm clock to wake up and collect an item so I can finish a quest, and I will NEVER pay for gold to complete them. I would be willing to pay for gold to buy some of the clothes in the shop, but never to finish a quest that you didn't consider enough time for.