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  1. If you wish to contact our Customer Support Service
  2. RockYou Forums Rules of Conduct
  3. Missing Islands
  4. Too many islands
  5. Flash sale
  6. The sale and missing islands
  7. Missing Islands With Flash Sale????
  8. Put the 'Mr. Poppers Pinguine' in the shop and/or allow it breedable and giftable!!!
  9. Islands returned
  10. UTTERLY Compensation for our lost WLPs due to the Missing Islands Issue, please!!
  11. Islands still missing!!!
  12. Can we send the Limited Edition Tree Gifts to ourselves, too?
  13. Why can't we buy island #16 in the sale?
  14. will not let us buy island 16 in sale
  15. NO COMPENSATION for missing islands
  16. Ultra Rares in Flash Sale
  17. ampliaciones
  18. Night Monkey
  19. my zoo don' t work for 25 days
  20. Not happy
  21. Racket Tailed Treepie
  22. Need Help Sharing
  23. Jacaranda tree wittered after i bought one in the flash sale.
  24. What happened to all of the previous forum posts before this new forum started?
  25. Independent BlueJay
  26. problems with zoo world
  27. Missing Weaver Bird...
  28. missions not working for days now...not rcvd 950 fb credits for opening acct in zw2
  29. loseing my animals out of my zoo
  30. missing zoomates getting very upset
  31. No food
  32. shop
  33. Had it up to here with this game
  34. still missing things
  35. Still missing items from the storage screw up
  36. Not able to load Zoo World 1
  37. not loading zoo
  38. No gifts
  39. Like to see these in the SHOP
  40. Xp level-up
  41. even the support forums for Zoo World 1 and Zoo World 2 are now linked
  42. Can't Play!
  43. Disappointed zoo 1
  44. Please can you help?
  45. can not accept gifts
  46. Leveling up is impossible
  47. need help finding training animals
  48. Missing Flash Sale animals.. unable to buy second one too!!
  49. Missonen does not work
  50. help collect 3 timers from your show?
  51. Having problems going into my zooworld 1...RESPOND ASAP PLEASE!!
  52. Still missing animals
  53. Missing 40WLPS just now
  54. Hard Missions
  55. animals sold while my islands were missing
  56. Please bring Shark Week back!
  57. Mising nests and zoomates
  58. Please Increase the Feed Frequencies of those New Wall Feed Animals!
  59. Missing island
  60. where is the achievement list
  61. Missing WLP from Jacarunda Tree
  62. Can't share baskets
  63. gifting animals
  64. Problems posting animals for help in Festival.
  65. No Tab
  66. missing rewaeds
  67. missing halloween island .
  68. Mission help
  69. purple hearts
  70. More Free Juice!!!!!
  71. support tickets
  72. My zoo does not work from 7 / 27 / 2011
  73. Feed animals count-down
  74. Missing animals
  75. Why did you take away Big Cherry Blossom and Big Coconut Trees ???
  76. ZOO not loading yet again...
  77. facebook new watch who playing what game now the game is off the left side of screen
  78. No reason that the Unanimated Baby Rares cost 10 WLPs each!
  79. Excessive Unhappy Zoo
  80. WLP and FB Credits
  81. Training Animals
  82. new islands
  83. Please change the Herd Bonus to 'One Single Click' only!
  84. No more Level-up animals unlocked?
  85. Does a happy zoo pay more?
  86. The Penguin rocky released as free gift toda is not the MR popper Pinguine all wanted
  87. Where has my Zoo ID been moved to?????????
  88. When will island 16 be released?
  89. my zoo is no fix
  90. I cannot play zoo i if i donīt give permission to zoo ii to get mi info
  91. Zoo Mates are back !!!
  92. zoo world ID
  93. Breeding?
  94. Juice Sale ???
  95. leaving zoo world 1
  96. EXP's not showing up
  97. To ZooDev's ! zoo chat is very annoying all only ask "where is my zoo id"
  98. achievement list
  99. Can`t post my animals to be feed when breeding.
  100. island
  101. Uable to get past the Weaver Bird.
  102. Zoo just will not load on any app :(
  103. The prices of some Tree Gifts are considered unrealistically high!
  104. Juice bug?
  105. i just paid for 5 maintance managers and you are saying i didn't
  106. from 7 / 27 my stopped working. I'm still waiting
  107. Not able to buy from store and put items on islands
  108. zoo mates have disappeared
  109. Unable to get into Zoo World
  110. achievements
  111. new islands
  112. Greek Theme
  113. 10th island
  114. URGENT! 'Scarab Jewelry' and 'Sarcophagus' missing in my shop!
  115. Question About feeding xp amounts!
  116. 40% Sale
  117. rockyou is taking away my animals
  118. My Zoo is not making enough money. Any tips please?
  119. Golden Egg Invitations
  120. Can we "Partially" sell back our animals and post them up on the wall for adoption?
  121. How Do We Really Get Help With Problems?
  122. Treasure hunting has slowed up again
  123. ZooMates and Neighbors Missing
  124. Dang it
  125. Zoo Missions, stupid messages
  126. Missing Island
  127. Can't buy baby Kiwi
  128. gifts
  129. glad
  130. How am I supposed to get help with zoo world 1 problems?
  131. Problem with Achievement, my Zoo has been on "Use 15 growth formulas to breed babies"
  132. 9-11 Zoo Tributes.
  133. Cannot use Horoscopes to enter my Zoos
  134. zoo not loading
  135. Greenhouse items missing
  136. Help No Island nothing will load
  137. Breeding is 'UP THE WALL'
  138. Not able to help friends with mission animals
  139. sunda loris
  140. I want to be Zookeeper of the week! but sign up link on blog page not work
  141. We need shop animals what we can gift to others !
  142. zoo world 1
  143. can birds still be raced?
  144. Would you please make animals giftable again to others that you release ?
  145. What's the most anyone has had to pay for a Maintenance Manager?
  146. XP points are not adding up when feeding animals.
  147. Animals still in storage.
  148. Zoo World I died and we weren't even notified
  149. Flash sales?
  150. Achievements
  151. everything back to normal after a month and a half!!!! thanks<3 thanks<3
  152. Zoo won't load
  153. When Are You Planning to Increase Levels???
  154. No Apples when feeding
  155. Missing Zoo Money
  156. Can't help others...
  157. Unsubscribe
  158. back to school decorations and kiosk
  159. storage not working properly
  160. Where's the Bee?
  161. Don't share your bookworm!
  162. Announcement regarding 5 free jacaranda trees
  163. Back to school and gifting.
  164. Sun bursts instead of items!
  165. Bought new kiosks but didn't find them in Store though counted as being bought
  166. New Island
  167. Items not visible in storage
  168. Flash Sale????
  169. zoo not loading
  170. broken storage
  171. RE:Sticky: If you wish to contact our Customer Support Service
  172. Playing Window centered
  173. Can't buy White Bengal Tiger
  174. Zoo wont load!!!!!
  175. Lost animals
  176. Zoo 1
  177. Upset
  178. Game Request
  179. Can't move items from storage to islands
  180. Did not get apples while Collecting over 800 hearts!
  181. lost critter from shop
  182. Animals in shop..
  183. slow moving around islands
  184. limited animals
  185. Spectacled Langur,Golden Egg Animals,Hard Missions and limited time animals
  186. Can't collect apples when feeding
  187. My islands are missing again!
  188. It's the new September Flash Sale a Joke ??
  189. Cost of animals and time limited editions
  190. Collecting zoo dollars from ZF collectables
  191. Zoomates Missing
  192. Animals changing in breeding nests
  193. Zoo 1
  194. Still no help from zoo world
  195. Where are my 3 Baby Giant Pandas?
  196. King Cobra
  197. Man up Zoo World!
  198. Big Ben achievement--ridiculous!
  199. Missing 60 WLPs!
  200. Purchased Worker Ants not appearing in Zoo
  201. How do I get the Trainable Birds?
  202. Acheivements are Stuck!!!
  203. my achevment is stuck
  204. Purchased 2 baby giant panda and only recieved 1.
  205. cant accept all my gifts
  206. Animals missing from last island
  207. Herd bonus missing
  208. arithmetic turtles gone awol
  209. hard missions
  210. 10 to 20 FC Every Day! No Way!! Let's Start a Boycott to Play and Pay!!!
  211. ZooWorld NOT loading
  212. Zoo not loading
  213. Technical issue with candyman
  214. Does anyone still care about zoo1?
  215. Can't load my Zoo
  216. Zoo Devs !! the new Java 7 update fix zoo loading problem
  217. New baby...
  218. How do I get into Zoo World? My Bookmark keeps taking me to Zoo World 2.
  219. Animal missing
  220. Missing Islands
  221. Shop hasnt opened since july
  222. Gold Egg is a thing of the past....please make it go away
  223. Missing 1 Wrench
  224. The Back to School animals are generating lots of extra "finished" posts.
  225. Issue with welcome baskets?
  226. My Zoo is going Bankrupt!
  227. Will there be Halloween animals ?
  228. Unable to gift limited animals
  229. Islands missing again
  230. Zoo1 not working, multiple issues!!!
  231. zoo not working again
  232. What happened to this game? Will you listen to all of us?
  233. Zoo not loading
  234. Trophies
  235. zoo2 stage 3
  236. Breeding animals blocked
  237. Customer Support
  238. zoo not loading
  239. How do I get my Zoomates back?
  240. ANNOYING Popups!
  241. Can't get the candyman to feed treats!
  242. Zoo Keepers Animals
  243. Bought a Baby Mudpuppy for 5 FBC's but Don't have the animal or FBC'S
  244. Giving away mountain goats
  245. help
  246. How long is the Zookeeper island map available?
  247. Quest
  248. "Help Animals" missions don't add up.
  249. missing my zoomates
  250. incomplete refund