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  5. Fix Kitchen Scramble!
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  9. Please bring back exchanging gifts with strangers
  10. Suggestions and feedback Kitchen Scramble
  11. staffing gate issue
  12. Coldcutta
  13. Getting tokens is way too difficult.
  14. coldcutta in kitchen scramble is impossible! can not advance!
  15. Why a gift limit with so many gifts we can't use?
  16. unlimited play
  17. Just an idea for adding Community players ONLY.
  18. So many ads!
  19. Ideal
  20. Resetting the Game
  21. Suggestions to make the game better
  22. Unlimited Play
  23. This would def make the game better!
  24. should hsve unlimited gifts a day.
  25. Ad movie---
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  27. Daily gift limit raised please?
  28. Cash and app
  29. Moving Forward
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  31. Suggestions to make the game better
  32. need help with levels candy fornia
  33. Suggestions, Ideas, and Slight Beefs
  34. Mother's Day gift
  35. using supplies to play
  36. Would love a premium icecream maker
  37. To play previous levels without getting money, Just for Fun :D
  38. Skip for $25..
  39. Suggestion premium ingredients
  40. Is the Supplies Gift permanently changed to just 1??
  41. Same level over and over, just for a few tokens!
  42. Bypass The Gate
  43. Holiday Events
  44. Suggestion to make the game more playable!
  45. Better ice cream maker!!!!!!!!!!
  46. Another Sale Please!!
  47. Ice cream maker
  48. Christmas Sale!!
  49. Translation failure
  50. Alternating the premium ingredients in watch and earn...
  51. no limit on gifts
  52. New Appliances please....
  53. Truck location is not remember
  54. Impossivel
  55. Crafts endless
  56. How to make a lot of Zoomates extremely happy!!!!!!
  57. Earn more coin!! - “Premium Ingredients”
  58. Upgrade Blender
  59. New Clothing Store Items