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  3. avis général sur word of wonders :)
  4. I want to be the support for the game in Spanish "words of Wonder".
  5. More Freebies or Moves Please!
  6. desire new boost
  7. Some things in the game that keep players and should improve.
  8. Turn off ads
  9. Gold Incentives
  10. bombs need more time
  11. Takes too long to clear previous word. As we get limited time to build a word.
  12. level 344
  13. My Suggestions For The Game
  14. Bonus
  15. Need better ways to earn gold and boosts -- or else stop making the levels impossible
  16. list of errors and problems‏
  17. Find Me
  18. Suggestions to improve the game.
  19. BUG: Watson won't stop trying to walk me through the benefits of Keeper's Society
  20. Gifting Gold
  21. Official Fan Friday Frenzy Additional Suggestions & Ideas Thread!
  22. Game is too heavy . . .
  23. Accept All Button!
  24. "Don't ask again" popup screens
  25. Let me skip a level for 10 gold
  26. Suggestion: Stop forcing us to add friends
  27. Fix The Programming Behind Your Ads
  28. orthographe
  29. Silver should mean Silver!