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  1. Do away with the stamp collecting
  2. RockYou Forums Rules of Conduct
  3. RockYou would love your suggestions & ideas!
  4. Please remove the world view
  5. materials gifts
  6. Accepting energy
  7. thank you gifts
  8. GOT garden grid size
  9. want more new chapters, please!!!
  10. picture gallery
  11. A second garden
  12. Saved game !!!
  13. Material Inventory
  14. Energy refills allocation idea
  15. "Confirm" button before spending gold
  16. new scene's please
  17. Inner Circle
  18. teams and tournaments
  19. Levels over 200 And a little more.
  20. Mini games to upgrade an item to level 10 that you purchase with GOLD---NO!
  21. Natalie
  22. Inventory
  23. Buying items
  24. Lower cost of New Gold Chapter Items
  25. Keeping players informed.
  26. Many things Needed by the powers that be...Rock You and/or Disney...HELP!!!!
  27. Know what date your neighbours last played.
  28. Adding or deleting neighbors
  29. Since you asked.......
  30. Time Lab is too time consuming and we have to waste time/materials generating garbage
  31. Easier selections for USEFUL free gifts
  32. Daily Bonus prizes need variety, perhaps seasonal items
  33. Allow a higher limit in the Materials Inventory for Crystal chapter & other materials
  34. Reputation to open new chapters: count our entire inventory, even if we sell items
  35. Allow us to sell items we don't want, and to replace them if we change our minds
  36. Upgrading Decorations & Artifacts need changes
  37. Never have quests that don't expire
  38. sell crystal chapter items and wonders
  39. Allow us to opt out of some pop-ups
  40. Puzzles
  41. bundle, chapter, and item pricing
  42. Gold
  43. Unbundle the holiday bundles
  44. My suggestions
  45. Remove old GOT gifts from inventory. plus.....
  46. A search feature for neighbors
  47. Help in finding things Idea
  48. Chat for Socializing in GOT
  49. Allow neighbors to gift Days of Crafting/Time Lab materials
  50. remove world view
  51. Give Better Gifts from Neighbors Who Visit
  52. Choosing a Gift to send a Garden Neighbor
  53. Android
  54. Remove extra graphics that interfere
  55. Customer Support
  56. stamps
  57. Time Mechanism
  58. "Store All" for the game board
  59. Shrinking wonders
  60. Suggestions
  61. Excessive ads
  62. Blitz scenes
  63. 90% of neighbors at level 200
  64. Past due for garden expansion
  65. a way to recover old items
  66. Raise the inventory limits beyond 10
  67. Questions, Questions
  68. World View Idea
  69. Roamer/Floater Indicator while the item is in our Inventory or Garden
  70. Silver Limits (2,147,483,647 )
  71. Old Crystal Chapters
  72. Earned scores in scenes
  73. Inventory-different ways to search/filter
  74. More Oriental Items
  75. Moving Through Chapters
  76. 45 Day ADD FREE experience is not being honored
  77. Store time machine, please.
  78. Search my Garden
  79. Glass Plants in Time Lab
  80. Time Lab
  81. decorate gardens, new items, to buy with silver
  82. Letter squares suggestion
  83. Multiple Item Redemption for White Prints
  84. Higher Rep/Square Multiple Square Items, Inflated Rep to Open New Scenes
  85. Remedy for Lost Gold
  86. Community Garden
  87. Inflated gold items and time loop chapter price
  88. Having rock you have access to our gardens
  89. Building rotation
  90. Gift Circle
  91. New Players or Players at lower levels
  92. Silver limit
  93. suggestion for upgrades
  94. pretty items for spring
  95. A bug? Toolboxes are almost never dropping during blitzes
  96. Improve drop rate for timelab
  97. Level 200
  98. Problems Galore!!
  99. spin the wheel
  100. Time Lab : Please change the proportions of glass needed to craft tokens
  101. loyalty points
  102. Lower the price on "dark water" path please
  103. Multiple gardens
  104. New items for 5 day spin
  105. time crystal!!
  106. Waterways
  107. Days of Crafting Poorly Designed
  108. Limit searches to a specific game
  109. Bring back the Garden in the platform that made the game special
  110. New Idea for Gardens of Times
  111. Dated Garden Activity - to keep track of active or inactive neighbors
  112. One click finishing for completed buildings/artifacts
  113. Bridge Paths
  114. Give the inner circle glass fragments
  115. 8 Days of Crafting was designed horribly. Want people to quit because unlucky?
  116. Group conversion to Whiteprints
  117. Items that we can buy when we don't have a credit card, and we need more animals, etc
  118. Hallowe'en Premium Chapter from 2011
  119. Need a way to Remove Outdated Quests
  120. IC monthly item
  121. Capsules of the time
  122. Raise the XP & Rep received for upgrading items
  123. Time Machine: Return to one token per spin; Craftuseful items
  124. the ground underneath
  125. Forum log-in should be automatically connected to FaceBook, as is support
  126. alphabet lettera
  127. new roamers
  128. Scene Challenges from the Time Machine (Not Blitz from neighbor's garden)
  129. Make All Retired Gold Items Available in The Store
  130. Green Grass Path, Please
  131. Allow selling AND buying Wonders & other "fixed" items
  132. Premium chapter - X days left
  133. "My Neighbor" Tab
  134. RockYou, PLEASE fix the MIA Scottie Roamer
  135. Index to Itams
  136. inner circle
  137. Something for Hanukkah?
  138. accessing materials in mc
  139. Flowers
  140. Gifts in Garden
  141. Sending Free Gifts to Your Neighbors
  142. Please return Natalie's visits to Tuesdays!
  143. Inner Circle
  144. Select All button missing for materials/energy requests
  145. Suggestion for Crystal Chapters
  146. "Friends of Gardens of Time" ( cheaper Inner Circle ) + Sales + Premium Chapters
  147. High Rep greenery
  148. Remove time crystals from Wheel of Time
  149. Hi RY, suggestion about a very high rep item to solve the junkyard garden problem!
  150. Storing Materials
  151. "Black Friday Sale" ? or "Year End Sale" ?
  152. Stop Time Loops and Paradoxes please
  153. more garden skins, please
  154. Winter Decorations
  155. What happened to CRYSTAL scenes?
  156. Garden Decor
  157. Please bring back the option to complete one building early OR all.
  158. Premium Chapters
  159. More winter shrubs/greenery - give us snowy hedge
  160. Wheel of Time
  161. Valentine's Day Love Train
  162. Puzzles
  163. Buying materials with silver to upgrade artifacts and decorations
  164. Make the current cheap patches free to reduce inventory
  165. Idea for "Recycle" button / option
  166. Paying for time lab books
  167. Opening New Chapters
  168. More winter landscaping items please
  169. Chinese New Year items
  170. New golden items for less gold
  171. Bug: with Coollect Glass fragments
  172. Thaniks alot NOt
  173. Plantagenets and my ancestor buried in a parking lot
  174. Bug: Star challenge get 11 stars in chapter 6
  175. pink, purple blue & white Atlantis crytals
  176. Drops more even in collections ? Plus other things that could change for the better
  177. Neighbor Scroll Bar
  178. Do not give us timeed missions that require sometign that is randomaly dropped
  179. Gifts from neighbors in garden
  180. No new roamers?
  181. return of days of gifting/crafting
  182. Cow and the moon!
  183. Must Enrique call me "Love" everytime I do a quest with him?
  184. Tracks and Cars for our Trains
  185. Garden artists and designs
  186. a garden museum or expanding the garden without acquiring new friends
  187. Less Buildings Please.
  188. THANK YOU! Now able to remove unfinished items from inventory
  189. Replace natalie visits
  190. Replace Natalie Visits
  191. Enticement
  192. Please bring back the Crystal Chapters even if they are recycled
  193. suggestion from a player having an unhappy7 gamine and customer service expierience
  194. Gold sale coupled with unavailable items = great summer sale!
  195. contests gone wrong
  196. i think that having bridges that roamers can cross would be very nice.
  197. new ITEM suggestion: water shore from the other side...
  198. delete icons of unfinished timelabs
  199. no glass fragments in puzzles
  200. Natalie days
  201. CAnt get to your support to report a bug with your quest DArk ages
  202. Closed chapters in menu and upgrading garden !!
  203. Inventory Limit
  204. Rep Sink Item In Lieu Of Garden Expansion
  205. Please give us the option of Garden size we use.
  206. Here's an Idea
  207. About Timelab, its tokens, and Crafting Days: suggestions for RY
  208. Premium Chapters or, as I like to say, "ARE YOU DAFT?"
  209. Grass
  210. Old wonders
  211. Wouldn't It Be Nice IF.......
  212. Crafting Days: Buy Now ! - good idea but you could be improve it :)
  213. ich wünsche mir mehr Zäune
  214. Why is the game so limiting of the max no. of "2 Energy Sparks" in our inventories?
  215. added space
  216. Old Crystal Chapters
  217. Second Garden
  218. Crying Angel
  219. Adorable as Heck ferrets!!
  220. New IDEAS for Chapter Themes....what do you want to see?
  221. crystal game's
  222. Natalie could be making you a LOT more green! (and gold!)
  223. Downsizing the garden OR adding a small, fast loading garden
  224. PLEASE lower the requirements for the "short" time labs or make them last longer
  225. Distribution keepsake items
  226. Notice When Buildings are Ready for Upgrade
  227. Time Lab Solutions
  228. How about reusing no longer available buildings for the bonus scenes on new chapters?
  229. natalie gold items
  230. Pice of Gold Items Getting Sky High Again
  231. Suggestion for Super-value items
  232. New items for the garden
  233. loading problems
  234. Update some quests please
  235. Get Gold with Silver
  236. Replace the Music at each scene by natural sounds what the scene is about
  237. Create more *garden* decorations for an actual.. garden please!
  238. Gold Paths
  239. Let us decide which quests we want to do and see at the left side
  240. Able to trade our crystals for silver coins if there won't be a new crystal chapter
  241. Reputation x Expansion
  242. smaller multiple gardens
  243. Tool Box Challenges - a better, faster way
  244. allow players to visit gardens when returning blitzes
  245. got stuck because of low reputation
  246. Buy artifact and decoration materials with silver
  247. You know what would be really cool.....
  248. Can water path's dark edge be improved to look like the other water? Plus from FAQs
  249. Visit button for players gardens
  250. Crystals for Gold.