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  3. probleme avec le jeux.city girls live..
  4. Game down! How long??
  5. Friends invitation
  6. Lost gold and recruits
  7. Trunk disappeared!!??
  8. Lost all gifts
  9. Admin help please!!
  10. Gifts losted
  11. I refuse to play anymore
  12. game not loading
  13. daily look
  14. Neighbors are missing
  15. can't buy gold or earn gold
  16. What the hell is going on???
  17. Daily Look
  18. Daily look
  19. Cannot add friends
  20. daily look
  21. Daily Look Anomaly
  22. Account deleted
  23. purchase not received
  24. Bonus collector's
  25. You Deleted About 6 of my neighbors!!!
  26. I cannot add my friends
  27. RECOVER ACCOUNT Playdom.?
  28. No new Neighbors.
  29. New 30-second pop-up ads annoying!
  30. What happen to the game?
  31. Repeating Missions
  32. The game does not give the extras among other comments.
  33. Missing my neighbours!!!!
  34. Voting Links
  35. Why are we allowed 50 friends but can only see 41???
  36. I Want My Gold!!!!
  37. When I came back to the game there was no data
  38. No Neighbors Can Be Seen
  39. My game dont "loading"
  40. Adding Neighbours
  41. Problems with Café Spin and Daily Look
  42. Problem with the game
  43. Unable to "share" or post to facebook
  44. No sound, lost gifts, it get's stuck all the time! -.-
  45. Missing neighbors
  46. Game is worse now Unable to Share,
  47. where is my appartement
  48. HELP!! Can't get into the support of rockyou
  49. Remove a neighbor who doesn´t play for a very long time
  50. Juego City Girl
  51. commercials, and occupations
  52. Collect prize item
  53. why can't we see visitors?
  54. Game makes screen flicker black & the dim light at startup causes game to freeze!
  55. I don't get it...
  56. Changing buying and selling of items
  57. why can't we use the craft machine?
  58. glitches!!!
  59. Can't go to the coffee shop
  60. Commercials
  61. daily look mission for the day
  62. What's wrong with daily look?
  63. accessories...
  64. Can't Add New Neighbors
  65. Frustrated...
  66. disney city girl
  67. cant play at all no matter what i do :(
  68. Tips for Game Functionality in Linux//Ubuntu?
  69. City Girl Life - Fan Update - 2014-JUL-18
  70. Sound
  71. many bug
  72. Neighbors
  73. update notification!
  74. Red Urban Bed Freeze
  75. Cannot connect
  76. FPO Glitch?
  77. Holiday Quest bug.
  78. Restaurant Week - Can't grab a snack from fridge...?
  79. crafted items lost?
  80. All disappeared ...
  81. Restaurant Week - I hope you NEVER use that crafting station style again...
  82. Missing GOLD!!!
  83. Glam
  84. Requesting things from friends
  85. Can't invite friends!
  86. neighbors and their apartment still showing in game no longer friends for 2 weeks.
  87. I can not get items
  88. Not getting crafted items
  89. Accessories
  90. All my stuff gone~~
  91. Invite List
  92. Annoyed!
  93. Lag
  94. new player need friends
  95. i need help please someone help me please!!!
  96. Me da error en agregar vecinos
  97. About to give game away :-)
  98. Careers!!
  99. Need neighbors/friends
  100. Help!! Neighbors Fix works half.... I cannot see Neighbors when request items... :(
  101. Cafe Will Not Load 90% of The Time
  102. Erin, please read this. Need help.
  103. Can't Visit Friends?
  104. The dang cafe spin........
  105. Just A Question About Spree Spins.
  106. I did it...
  109. Game reload!
  110. Please explain how the gifting works.
  111. When do missions start for new players?
  112. Missions
  113. Porque eu só ganho tapetes ?
  114. GAME NOT LOADING!!! 6am Aug. 27
  115. Did not receive gold purchased
  116. Can I share items to my friends to complete the glamour girl
  117. How do I add neighbours ?
  118. Messages problem
  119. Daily look!
  120. What is blocking my ads?
  121. Gifting issues
  122. Ad spinner
  123. Allen wrench not dropping
  124. People Not Showing Up For REQUESTS
  125. Problem in the cafe
  126. Bonus item
  127. Reload every time on the mission, can't get the mission done. BUG!
  128. Which activity give me a glam?
  129. Animal Toys
  130. Daily look and voting not working
  131. Help me :)
  132. Please help!!
  133. Vote Plz!
  134. New friends, help!
  135. Problem with receiving gifts
  136. I need support
  137. The same error. Refresh the page!!!!!!!
  138. 7 hours later and still can't play !!
  139. Reload issues again
  141. Daily Look is a joke anymore...........
  142. Ugly sculpture tables instead of cool lamps!!! To Rockyou staff!
  143. Help
  144. What's up with the game now !?
  145. HELP! Unanswered tickets/gift, gift limit problem!
  146. Not receiving gift requests?!
  147. Only me or a bug?
  148. when does the daily look, cafe, accept gifts etc reset please
  149. I used to play this game before
  150. Is there as way to check what Gold has been spent on ?
  151. i keep getting AD'S
  152. Research microscope
  153. problema
  154. 7.99 bonus deal
  155. Help
  156. Knotted rope dog toy?
  157. city spree-only getting coins or wallpaper
  158. Juego para niñas!!
  159. problem with my tv.
  160. not loading
  161. Skill counters issue
  162. Help
  163. k this may be a silly ??? but here it got..
  164. Help: Halloween Happenings Mission #3
  165. Problem w/ Neighbor visits since new career added.
  166. Bonjour
  167. can't request or send gifts
  168. Web Designer
  169. Why is there a gift limit?
  170. A new problem with neighbors!!
  171. starting over
  172. where to report gltch?
  173. Lost gold!
  174. Replaying Storys
  175. Won't Load
  176. Can't get the list for friends playing now
  177. The Lilies Painting Is *Not* In My Market
  178. Can''t claim 200 glamlinks!!!!!
  179. No Vampire Gown for me :(
  180. Game keeps reloading everytime I try to change clothes or hair features
  181. Badly need help!
  182. Pets and the loft apartment
  183. meu jogo
  184. how can I get my old game back?
  185. Can't get the new apartment.
  186. staffing requests problem
  187. I can not visit my friends. It just keeps loading. Someone please HELP.
  188. desapareceram todos os itens do disfraz vampiro
  189. I have found
  190. "missing" gifts......
  191. Removing neighbours ????
  192. Free gold from Forge of Empires...
  193. Unable to accept neighbor requests
  194. Daily Look Glitched Again........
  195. Badly need HELP!! Can NOT send out staffing requests & gifts requests
  196. Problem seeing new neighbours
  197. Everytime i vote in daily look, i get game has been updated!
  198. I can't play
  199. The New Loft is Extremely Glitchy & I'm unable to sell any unwanted quest junk!
  200. Celebrity Sighting - Doppleganger 3
  201. Problem request
  202. Cannot send out any free gifts
  203. Guy Fawkes Look? PLEASE HELP!
  204. Move Items
  205. Food coma?
  206. no hay un lugar de los creadores del juego para hacer las quejas. si es asi donde est
  207. romance
  208. Game sticking
  209. Messages
  210. Scavenger Hunt antique books and grand piano
  211. World traveler spree ?!!
  212. Deleting friends?
  213. help plzzz
  214. Game keeps freezing !
  215. Friend's & apartment gone .
  216. what is the spooky cafe for? or how do I use it?
  217. fun2bme1960 help!
  218. Missing Gold After Game Crash
  219. Support ticket?
  220. I can not play games. Because the block account.
  221. Update Jenna apartment
  222. Decoraciones
  223. Shockwave errors
  224. Do not see the game works
  225. Shockwave issues or game issues? Tried to send the avatar to work & game crashed?!?
  226. I haven't been able to play this game for sometime now...
  227. Can't play - been like this for 24h!!!
  228. not getting ANYTHING i request from my neighbors and they are daily players!
  229. shockwave plug in pop up
  230. Request to allow us to SELL THE PINK SUITCASES
  231. White Christmas
  232. Can't add people?
  233. This account has been banned. Please contact RockYou support to request re-activation
  234. Tablet app?
  235. Daily Look Glitch Again........
  236. neighbors are missing from my home page
  237. It will not load
  238. Need Neighbors- play everyday! Will gift everyday!
  239. The game "City Girl Life" does not work in Linux?
  240. Staffing Request Errors
  241. I accidentally clicked on paying with gold to end a task
  242. Starting All Over again
  243. can
  244. teach art students quest...
  245. Finished Artists Level 8 but the game has not registered that fact...program error!
  246. request friends
  247. How to move things?
  248. not getting my friends 5 energy in the start of a new day
  249. Your Game Has Been Updated ....911
  250. Платный номер