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Thread: Missing zoomates, please fix!

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    for the last 2 promotions i have not been able to help my friends- havent had zoomates for over 2 months and i am using zoo world classic and still no zoomates AGAIN
    fix igt please

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    Best to stop playing Zoo World, because without zoomates and so I can not help any, and has repeatedly asked RockYou that we handle this, but still send back the same answer, but no change

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    Probably he stopped playing the zoo world, because the game without zoomates no more real meaning

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    I too have this problem 1 month ago this was the reply I got and they then closed the ticket 4/10/2012 Hi Tony Thanks for contacting us. We are aware of the issues with missing zoomates. It may be related to a database issue and it has been reported. For the missing zoomates issue, some players have reported that enabling Secure Browsing has solved this issue. Please try this to see if it works for you: Here are the instructions on how to disable this feature: In Facebook: - Go to Account Settings - Go to Security Section - Enable Secure Browsing. For further details on the Facebook Secure Browsing feature please read more on our Forum Post: Please note that your zoomates' permission settings for their accounts can affect you or they can see on the newsfeed and profiles. Thank you very much for your patience while we work to resolve this issue. Kind Regards Joe RockYou Support Team

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    Since the new Buildable ahs begun all my Zoomates are gone except for Dr Zoo Little. Can RY possibly help me with this matter.

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    I have attempted to put a ticket in for this issue 3 times. PLEASE FIX. I have not had zoomates or friends since the beginning of the Tree Promo. If we can't send promo parts to friends or visit their zoos then how are we supposed to play this game? While you're at it, how about making it easier for zoomates to complete these promos by re-releasing the Big Cherry Blossom Tree?

    Quote Originally Posted by Shari Miles View Post
    It is impossible to help our mates from the feed if our zoomates are not showing in our zoo!
    Please Fix
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    This is getting totally unacceptable some of us spend money to play and get the wlp if we need them then can't help others or get stuff from others due to not having zoomate/friends when we go to our zoo? Please fix this asap! I have complained once before and got them back and now they were here for about 2 hours now they are gone again! What is up? zoo id 100000202606016

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    I have no ZooMates or Friends showing below my Zoopage. It has been THREE weeks since friends showed. Please bring our ZooMates/Friends back!

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    More then 1/2 my zoomates are missing! Will you please fix this issue, thank you, Stephani Haskins

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    Me & Dr. Zoolittle are kinda lonely all my zoo mates at the bottom of my zoo have disappeared & they were there at 8 am EDT Hope this is rectified soon!

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