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Thread: Need friends for Kitchen scramble!!!

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    Need friends for Kitchen scramble!!!

    Need friends!!!!

    Updated 4/25***
    Thank you for all the friend requests!!
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    Add me and we can help each other

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    Question kitchen scramble player desperately NEEDING/WANTING friends! We can help each other!🎁

    Kitchen scramble is a game I really enjoy playing and only get the opportunity when my children are at school and husband are at work. I don't have real cash to get the good stuff so the only other way I can enjoy any luxury or being able to play longer than the free 5 games they allow us, I need friends to gift me items,mi promise to do the same for you. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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    Please add me on facebook. I need a lot more friends

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    Need friends!!!

    Add me in need of new friends that actually play the game

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