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Thread: Words suggestion thread for players in English!

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    Words suggestion thread for players in English!

    Hi Wordies!

    Thank you for visiting the Word suggestion thread in the Forums. Please be sure to add your Word suggestion below, so Watson and the Community team can work together to get it in the game. Please be sure that the word suggestion is in compliance with the RockYou Forums Rules of Conduct, which is also provided for you below. All words added that fall short of the RockYou Forums Rules Of Conduct requirements will unfortunately NOT be considered nor added to the game in the future.

    Here is the RockYou Forums Rules of Conduct to

    The community team will update this thread and also the Fan Page with the new words on a rolling basis!

    Please add your suggestions below, by replying to this thread!

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    qa (I know it is a word, because we looked it up in a dictionary when I was a kid and played Scrabble a lot, but cannot find definition in online dictionaries), and qi

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    Hi Amanda!

    Thank you for your suggestion and while "qa" is a word, our game requires a minimum of 3 letter words. However, similar to the word qa you can spell the word qua in the game.

    Thanks again for writing in, and please do continue to add new words that are a minimum of 3 letters in the future.

    Kind Regards,

    Shelly Rose
    Words of Wonder Community Manager

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    Respirate: A valid word and that the game would not take it. What is the reasoning for that? I always come across words that should be acceptable but are not.
    I also come across words that are acceptable and have not one iota what they mean. I find learning new words fascinating .
    I will try to add them when I remember to write them down or share my word post.
    I did use the letters ZZZ yesterday for a word but forgot to share it.

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    Faggoty is an accepted word. Sure wish I knew bad words are good and which are bad?
    Vulva is an accepted word.

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    FAH ZEA Two legitimate yet unacceptable words that could have completed the objective and the acceptable word used was POOFTAH. YIKES!!

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    Berserk / berzerk not acceptable? I go absolutely berzerk every time I get a Gadzooks error message for no reason and cannot go through a normal staffing and entry into a new chapter. EGADS!

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