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Thread: Quicksilver Challenge is the absolute worst thing about GOT!

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    Quicksilver Challenge is the absolute worst thing about GOT!

    How ridiculous is this challenge that costs $25000 silver & then when you click 45 seconds, it cuts you off with 14 seconds left which you can play for 1 gold?!? The real kicker is the only way I can get the items to upgrade my Artifacts the last 5 levels is by doing these things. Today, when I went into do them, they've changed the items & they don't even match the items to upgrade my Artifacts. Just to add insult to injury, GOT gave me a Quest to upgrade an Artifact to Level 10. Really?!? I don't think so!

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    Hi, If you look at the scenes they show before playing, you can play these scenes in normal chapters if you have them open go practise them to give you the edge. They also give you xp and coins if you don't win, its only the items you loose. Though it is maddening that they don't always give you the items you need.

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    It would be nice if you could pick which scene you wanted to play, rather than their random pick.

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    I am so glad I'm not the only one who can't get this thing to finish. I wrote to the help desk and they claimed it was my computer that was the problem. One more reason I don't pay to be a member anymore.

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    Why does it cut off before the 45 seconds are up? It costs a lot of silver just to play one time.

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