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Thread: no wonders

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    no wonders


    when i finish a chapter usually the new wonder comes up to build then the story continues welll i have not been able to get that -can any1 help with that

    ty amy

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    Sophie Poussinette
    If you are on chapter 38 or 39 it is a usual problem, because suddenly you have to finish the quests from the previous chapters. I gave every idea I could think of that could help there :

    Good luck!

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    But since the quests no longer show up in sidebar or let us know what they are, how can we finish them? This is an ongoing problem. Where is a list of quests we players can download to make sure we have fulfilled all the requirements? I have had this same problem, you guys gave me my Wonders, but since the quests weren't fulfilled, I have the same problem as this user.

    Jan 30: This is an ongoing problem. There is a quest list over at Playdom, but it only goes up to Chapter 110. Although in some instances they tell you to go to chapter 37 for a quest, it's actually in chapter 68. Heads up, ;)
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    Sophie's post (just over yours) has a link to a spreadsheet of quests. I'm going through it myself, I stalled out on chapter 38.

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