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Thread: Meet your Community Manager Taylor Smith!

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    Hi Nick, I too am new to Kitchen Scrambler as a player. I am in Waffleton & can't figure out how to get past the second toll booth after stop #14. Would appreciate step by step instructions as to how I can do this.

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    Hi Nick, stuck on level 15, just keep spinning. I've deleted he game redownloaded few times and still won't let me past 15. Any tips?

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    how can i get stamps ?! playing for how long to get them ?! i'm in the beggings in the 1st location

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    Hi Nick,


    I submitted a ticket a couple of days ago #415616. I had over 300 gifts and now they have all disappeared. Yesterday i had been given 24 gifts, and today they are not there. its very frustrating as I play every day and I then go and collect my paltry 40 gifts to get a couple more lives to carry on playing. I would really like all my gifts back and don't want them disappearing again. Hope you can help!

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    The link for the MasterChefs group is here.. Feel free to join us.. we offer weekly contests where u can win cash and other prizes to make your game more fun. The weekly contests are posted on the fan page each Saturday. You will also notice that we share much of what is posted on the fan page over to the group wall and in the live game chat. If you're in the game chat, or group, and you have questions about the game or tips u would like to share with other players, these are great places to share them. I have put together an awesome team of VIP'S to help run the group and answer questions in the live game chat. You may also notice the VIP's answer lots of questions on the fan page to help out the community manager when things are very busy. We will add more VIPs as we need them so that we will always be able to give each task we do the attention it deserves. We even have a special birthday gift for each player! RockYou has been soo amazing and even asked the art department to create us a special new Logo - u can see it on the group wall and in the cover photo at the top of the group page. We love it and appreciate their support in helping us to gather as much player feedback as possible through contests and posts in the group. I just wanted to let every player know that I am proud to be on the MasterChef team and its an honor to be able to give the players another voice. Many of the things players have asked for in the weekly contests (this is where we get most of our feedback) is all ready showing in the game, and there is so much more in process... Please feel free to let me know know here or in the group posts if there is anything the VIP team can do to make your gaming experience the best it can be!
    Robyn Hobbs

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    Ciao Nick!! E da un po di tempo che non ricevo i Daily Bonus. Da
    le notifiche di facebook mi indirizza a Gameroom, e non mi lo da. Se lo faccio direttamente di Gameroom mi apre la schermata,ma niente bonus. E quasi 1 mese che ť puÚ rimediare? Grazie in anticipo.

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