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Thread: Make it easy to find animals in the breeding section

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    Curnell Selby

    Make it easy to find animals in the breeding section

    I turned in this earlier this year and as usual have seen no changes>>
    Make it easier for us to find animals in the breeding section!!
    I would like for you to do something with the breeding section to make it easier and save us time finding the animals that we want to breed. I am sure there are many ways to do this, here is the way I would like to see it. list the animals in the order for time to breed them and once a animal is finished all breeding levels move it to the end of the section. the way it is now it really does take a while to fine the animals we want to breed.<< I guess it was too hard for you to do this so here is a very easy suggestion that will help some or should I say make it better then it is now, all you need to do is separate the wlp animals form the zoo cash animals since I and I am sure that most people do not have the wlp's to breed the wlp animals. Please do something with the breeding section and since I am here why not a treat for 5 days? we have animals that we can breed for 5 days so make a treat for 5 days. Pleasd do something, anything would be better then it is now!!

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    I agree that something needs to be done...maybe removing the wlp animals to a sep. Section...putting the rest by hour and alphabetical order in each hour category...

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    I would love it if it was easier to find the animals I want to breed, too. Maybe they could do tabs with the different times for breeding and one for WLP animals exclusively. I don't have the WLP to breed either and having to scroll through them and be careful not to click on them is a pain in the neck. Didn't the ones already bred move to the back a long time ago?

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    I do agree with all of the above there should be an easier way to find the animals you want to breed, you could put them in tabs just like you have in the shop mammals, aquatic, birds and reptiles and put those in alphabetical order or move the ones that are already bred up to adamantium to the back

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    Maureen Wakefield
    something needs to change to make it easier, zoos are getting bigger and need a way to find animals easier to find to breed them

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    I would love it if they would make breeding easier. I would like to see a tab we could click on that has a list and lets you choose by the hr or wild life points. When I breed I do by the hours I have to get them so it would be nice to have a tab that has like 2 & 4 hr breeding, 6 & 8 hr breeding so on. If that is not possible then maybe they could put them in order by hours and have a tab we could click on for wild life breeding because like most I can't see breeding these animals when it takes more wild life points than you get.

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    I agree that there should be tabs for each breeding hr. That would make it much easier to find them. WLP animals should have their own tab.

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    I would like to see all of the animals bred to admantium moved to the back and WLP animals in a separate section. The animals I didn't finish breeding long ago are so hard to find! Let's not sit on this idea, make it happen soon please!

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    I agree with this post,breeding section needs to be better organized

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    Please breeding has got to be made easier and separate the WLP animals, thanks.

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