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Thread: Stolen poker chips

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    Michael Filipowicz

    Stolen poker chips

    I had 31 billion chips yesterday which i had slowly built up over a few years and when i log on this morning i have 150chips.
    Where did my chips go and who took them

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    Jaime Zamora
    I had 27 billion , I play a few years , and now I log and I have 160,000 chips, same Michael , where did my chip go and who took them, please help

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    Michael Filipowicz
    RYP took my chips for no reason

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    Michael Filipowicz
    Everybody beware........ryp poker will confiscate your chips for no reason whenever they wish

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    Michael Filipowicz
    better to play Zynga poker far less bullsh it that this site

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    Michael Filipowicz
    RYP admin are a pack of thieving cowards
    Everybody be careful of this site

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    Tim Anderson
    After playing for 3 years, I had a billion in chips and when I logged on the next day I was down to 200k...Strange because I had a woman named Maria who seemed to win every hand and I made a sarcastic comment on about it and the very next day my chips were gone. So I don't know if she's hacked the site or works for Rock You Poker or if this is some kind of glitch. Make it right Rock You...I'm NEVER buying chips (I'm too good a player) and I'm sure there a whole lot of other sites that offer poker. Your decision.

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    Michael Filipowicz
    NEVER buy chips from this site
    RYP poker are thieves

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    I had 6,582,863 million, I played a few years, and now I'm out of my system and 160,000 chips, the left, where I go and who took them to the chip, please help

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