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Thread: Add Friends: iOS Gardens of Time

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    I'm looking for neighbors also.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peacherino View Post
    Still playing? I'd love to have some neighbors! I played on a laptop for years, but now I use only my iPad... I have NO neighbors and can't progress. I can't even build my first Wonder! If you still actively play, PLEASE add me as a friend. Thanx! My Garden name is Misty Island and my player ID is: 42138238640
    H! I'll add you. My I'd is 10211509110008336.

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    I'm having trouble adding your player I'd; the game can't find it. I'm playing on my iPhone and responded to your post because you're playing on iOS also. It I'm not playing through Facebook. So maybe that's the issue. Will keep trying to get this to work.

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