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Thread: Add Friends: iOS Gardens of Time

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    Think I have added all in this thread but if not, plz add me bc always needing new neighbors. I play daily. Pls not through FB . Thanks!

    player ID lauralou515

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    Quote Originally Posted by kristinlmitchell View Post
    ID mitchpcv
    Thank you!
    My game seems to have disappeared. I've played for years and it's all gone! Trying to figure out how to get it back, but pretty sure I'm SOL. (I play on my work ipad and don't back it up...I was connected to FB, but now it's telling me I'm only on level 2!)

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    I need more neighbors, please add me. Player ID is ladybuglydia

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    I need to send 25 invites. Please post your ID. Do not send the request. Thanks!

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    Still playing? I'd love to have some neighbors! I played on a laptop for years, but now I use only my iPad... I have NO neighbors and can't progress. I can't even build my first Wonder! If you still actively play, PLEASE add me as a friend. Thanx! My Garden name is Misty Island and my player ID is: 42138238640

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