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Thread: items to add to the Flash Sale

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    I would like for the animals that we have that are only on sale for zoo cash for a few days to become giftable also for a flash sale the nest would be a nice thing to have for sale i ave never seen the nests on sale.
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    The watch and earn has not been working. Please fix it

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    I would like to thank you for putting so many of the things I needed in the flash sales and watch-and-earn. More things I am short and would like to see, either in a Flash Sale or in Watch and Earn, include: Dr. Zoolittle Express, Santa Dr. Zoolittle, Munich Bear, Nightmare Horse, Captain Wolverine, Maracas Octopus, Sand Castle King Fish, Kimono Ariomote Cat, Surprised Cat, Buzzed Raccoon, Embarassed ElephantFiery Skeleton Horse, Mother Dragonfly, Siskiyou Chipmunk, Golden Winter Owl, Holiday Clydesdale, Dino Sheep. TY

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    Jurassic Adventure Theme

    Since you're bringing back this theme, Could you bring back these Kiosks in the Flash Sale Please?


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    Loki Fox
    Baby Hugin And Munin
    Baby Ratatoskr
    Thor Goat
    Odin Wolf
    Heimdall Owl
    Valkyrie Kestrel
    Freyja Cat
    Viking Dragon

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    Thanks for taking some of my other ideas for gifts and decorations. I think you've got enough trees gout there now, you could bring back some of the older ones on the flash sales.... Some pretty garden flowers would be appreciated, like the daisies, zinnias etc. Some the the fence pieces might be fun to play with. I love the see the United States Capital buildings available again, they came out before I started I think, and would like to have more patriotic to the United States available. Maybe State flags in a smaller size would be fun. The cloud items were very pretty, more would be nice. Offering us the various vehicles offered previously would make great flash sale items, continue to bring us some of the 'for cash' animals and other things like WLP items . Thanks for listening. Patt Ambrose 1440443539

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    colourful bunting and eurasian brown bear please

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    I'd love to see the Bigfoot on Boy and Bigfoot on Girl bicycle. Also the Angel Dog would be great to have available!!

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    Due to being in the Hospital from August until November of last year for Chemotherapy I missed out on all the buildables issued during that time it would be very much appreciated if you could bring those animals to the flash sale.

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    It's October! How about some new Halloween animals and it wouldn't hurt to make some of them giftable so we can surprise our friends.

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