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    Game Feedback

    Please take my comments as constructive rather than critical. I had been playing Bingo by Rysing for 2-3 years.....every day. I think I am an addict. I have enjoyed most of that time tremendously. Since the latest game revisions, however, I am not enjoying it very much..still playing though. In the last couple of weeks i have l have lost about 1.6 million bbs and have had to radically change the way I play. This significant loss was even after levelig up to level 490 and completing it earning MANY bbs. We all know that most games take more bbs to play than is ever won so you lose bbs with every game but the difference now is that there is really no way to recover from those losses. Usually a win now is what you have spent plus the few xps that are won during the game. Leveling up take an immense amount of time. I find that I am playing manual games because the auto games are won by the jumpers and the bbs losses are hard to absorb. While I used to enjoy playing and chatting with other players, I now find myself looking for empty rooms that I can play in without having to try to win but rather to stretch out my game to as close as 75 balls as possible to collect the few extra bbs. Before I could play, chat, have a good time winning some and losing some but being OK with that because I could always spend time in world rooms and rebuild my bbs count.

    Of course I didn't like the jumpers any better than anyone else nor did I enjoy being harassed by those who wanted me to take turns and didn't like the fact that i played to have a good time not to sit out and watch others play. I could handle that situation. Because I still have 4+M bbs I expect I will continue to play until they are gone but I am hopeful that before that happens, you will see the light and discontinue the current game plan. I rarely play the gold room because it bores me. I won $50 once but other than that it is just boring, I even recognize that the numbers are not called randomly..that there is some control by someone as they are called in a pattern so someone is just "picking" the winners.....i'm even OK with that!

    I just want to enjoy the hours and hours that i play....please make it fun again!

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    Absolutely agree with you, game is not fun anymore, have managed to get to level 505 but since the changes no one is playing in the world rooms and even if you do play as you are now the only one in the room all you get back is what you spend. If you win a game of bingo surely you should win something instead of just getting what you spend back. If this was brought back I am sure more people would be playing.

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