Be careful says Dr. Zoolittle as he meets the best hunters of the world this week!

Look out for the Prowling Great White Shark showcasing it’s remarkable predatory abilities or meet the super fast Prowling Cheetah!

The Greatest Hunters Additions unlock at noon on the below dates:

Komodo Monitor 2017-08-08
Watchful Black Mamba 2017-08-08
Zooworld's Best Burger 2017-08-08
Western Bristlecone Pine 2017-08-08
Hunting Tower 2017-08-08
Alpha Gray Wolf 2017-08-09
Baby American Grizzly Bear 2017-08-10
Prowling Great White Shark 2017-08-11
Ambushing Nile Crocodile 2017-08-12
Baby Orca 2017-08-13
Stalking Congo Lion 2017-08-14
Prowling Cheetah 2017-08-15

The Komodo Monitor is the feed animal of the week, so grab it by clicking on your Zoomate’s posts!

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