Dr. Zoolittle is struck by charm and cuteness as he visits his new friends from Laos this week!

Come and play with the adorable Asian Golden Cat or decorate your island with marvelous Great Stupa Replica!

These Lovely Laotians Additions unlock at noon on the below dates:

Green Peafowl 2017-07-25
White-handed Gibbon 2017-07-25
Laotian Night Bazaar 2017-07-25
Fokienia 2017-07-25
Great Stupa Replica 2017-07-25
Baby Laotian Rock Rat 2017-07-26
Malayan Porcupine 2017-07-27
Bengal Monitor 2017-07-28
Baby Marbled Cat 2017-07-29
Asian Golden Cat 2017-07-30
Annamite Striped Rabbit 2017-07-31
Baby Southeast Asian Shrew 2017-08-01

The Green Peafowl is the feed animal of the week, so grab it by clicking on your Zoomate’s posts!