Firstly RY is deleting inactive accounts depending on certain factors, instead they should just remove them from theor worlds without deleting their accounts so if they do return they can be restored to their worlds.

Events- Bringing back old events such as Raid Wars,Renegade Wars, Survival, Global & League Wars, Global & League Build, and Alliance Build, bringing back old Unique Limiteds is one thing that will be more exciting, Bringing back the 5 League Holdout Event for middle week & having Premier league on weekends after Global Domination or Global Conquest Week is another way to improve the game. New Event's- A Crossworld Holdout Event Played on a Global Domination Field set in 5 leagues, A league based Global Domination & Global Conquest, a short Interworld GD Event that could be played in conjuction with another even and Alliance Lockbox events.

Prizes- Master & Diamond item crates, Advanced boost crates & Commander upgrade items brought back as part of Event Prizes, Ruby & Platinum keys should be given out for lower ranks in events, All Event Prizes need a reboot so that all alliance events are worth coining as saphire keys are just BS rewards.

Reboot of Old Commamders- All old Commanders that dont reach 130 should be given a reboot allowing them to reach that level & brought back as many of them looked so much cooler,, all Quantum,Obsidian & Tacheon Comms no longer available in XLabs or never available should be available .

Old School- All the EU Server worlds should be restored but based on the game before Master Comms were released .

Access to old inactive alliances- Funny enough a name says it all, many players want to be able able to access these old inactive alliances that either ruled the world or were a fighting force or just because the alliance holds sentiment to them and want to revive & rebuild these alliances so if RY creates a way to do this it will be well received.

Bring Android to level with iOS, Base numbers, events,features, number of worlds ect including Facebook Connect(great way to have extra back up of your account access) should all be the same as iOS.