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Thread: Zoo world~~move gifts from notifications to inside zoo

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    Zoo world~~move gifts from notifications to inside zoo

    Checking notifications for free gifts from zoo world classic is a hassle if you recv' a lot of notifications. Please move them to inside zoo somewhere,, it shouldn't be hard to do.
    People who play a lot of games have to go through a lot to find your free gifts, as much as they are appreciated .
    Thank you !
    And i never recv'd an answer about lettign us trade in our dead jac trees for a small conpensation of wlps points back. We pay 100 a piece, throw us a bone .

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    Put them in the Zoo mailbox, since most don't check it for the daily trivia, they might check for the gifts

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    I love all the wildlife points i got last night a total of 28 of them, i tried to use them and whoooooooooosh they vanished. i still have the trophies though. Thanks for the trophies, if you aren't going to allow me to keep points, don't give them to me. please. i was hoping to get an island with 2 more points, i clicked on it and didn't have enough was short the 2 points. then that is when the points went whoooooooosh. no island. then i noticed it was 30 points, guess it took the 28 points.

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